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Exchange of experience and good practices

The development of relevant cultural skills and expertise for creative and cultural professionals is achieved through an exchange visit to Norway. Thus, the project team will participate in meetings with representatives of relevant organizations and institutions in the creative and cultural sector and will visit various cultural objectives.

Mobility program in Norway

The mobility program is an opportunity for young artists in Romania to meet professionals in the cultural and artistic field, to explore details of the cultural world, to learn about the challenges and chances of obtaining a career in the cultural world. The 30 selected young artists will participate in a mobility program in Norway that includes presentations, workshops, group mentoring and visits to various relevant cultural institutions.

Training for skills development

30 professionals in the cultural and creative fields will participate in trainings aimed at developing relevant expertise in the creative and cultural fields: digital communication in the creative and cultural sectors, new technologies in the creative and cultural sectors, financing creative and cultural projects.

Creative camp

The creative camp will offer the 30 young artists the opportunity to make individual and group art projects, under the guidance of their mentors, to develop their practical skills and to share their ideas and visions.

Mentoring program

The mentoring program is an opportunity for young artists to learn from established personalities of artistic and cultural life, through discussion sessions and creative workshops in which mentors share their artistic and life experiences, provide answers and exchange ideas. Personal development by increasing self-confidence, interacting with people from diverse backgrounds, stimulating teamwork are some of the benefits of the mentoring program.

Creating 8 video tutorials

Following the mentoring, 8 video tutorials will be made available to young people who want to develop professionally in the creative and artistic fields. Through access to these materials, pupils and students will have the opportunity to develop their skills in the artistic field.