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Livia Greaca

Livia (24 years old), holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree studies at the National University of Art Bucharest. Her artistic activity has in its center, as a creative nucleus, the expressive and plastic valences of the textile material, which has become the main artistic environment in which it manifests . Her textile art installations enjoy a wide presence on the exhibition stage, among Livia’s most important recent participations being the exhibition at Art Safari 2021, DIPLOMA 2021, the double personal exhibition entitled “INSPRING | micro macro universes”, organized in Sibiu, within the“ Classics for Pleasure” Festival in collaboration with Elite Art Gallery.

Livia’s 2021 exhibition participation includes numerous group exhibitions in galleries and museums such as the “Nicolae Minovici” Museum of Popular Art, the “Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Natural History, the “Constantin Brâncuși” Exhibition Hall, the Parliament Palace, Elite Art Gallery, Plastic Fund Plant and Corvin Castle. The artist wants to be able to continue her artistic activity this year, to start new projects and series of works and to maintain her presence in the field of art exhibitions and festivals. Livia’s passions also include art history and theory, literature, painting and drawing, as well as human interaction, which she enjoys in art workshops, where she works with adults and children.